Photo Collage - Greg Chmiel

Over a year ago I started to print my photos. I loved the feeling of holding a physical photograph and I wanted to share that with everyone. I started letting everyone know that they could order prints from me. Then my friend Sarah let me sell photos at Serio Pizzeria, and Gift also welcomed my prints into their shop. Soon after I launched my online store so that anyone can order here. By this point I had hundreds of 4x6 prints that I've been ordering from my local photo lab. I was handing these out to friends and family and decorating my wall at home. That's when I got the idea too build this collage so that everyone can see it. I wanted something framed that looked like it belonged in a museum. After discussing the idea with Lacuna Lofts I was allowed to pick any spot in the building. Picking which photos and determining the layout took  me forever though. I then spent hours attaching each photo individually with double-sided scotch tape squares. I had additional help from Lacuna with building the frame, painting, and hanging it up. It went up just in time for the monthly Art Party held during "Second Friday's" in Pilsen. These photos highlight some of my travels and work from the last five years.

The collage highlights some of my commercial work shooting cars, food, and music. A majority of the photos are from my travels spanning 3 continents, 15 countries , and countless cities.

The collage is hanging in the lobby at the Lacuna Lofts 2150 S. Canalport Chicago, IL 60608